JDS Boxing

I was really impressed with his boxing skills. I feel like the combos he throws and the way he uses the uppercut is unmatched in mma. Now i do think he needs to have better defense. I feel like he leaves his hands down to much and stands in front of his opponent for to long but other than that i think his boxing could be the best in the biz. What do you guys think? Also later in the fight he stopped throwing combos but i think that was because he gassed a lil bit.

He's great at it but needs to diversify more with kicks and takedowns. Truly high level fighters can survive his boxing if it's the only offensive threat they are facing.

Yeah i really do believe if he had a better kicking gm it would really open things up for him. Penn doesnt really use kicks to much though does he? And now thinking of the two if JDS had penns jab wow that would be something because just off the top of my head i dont remember jds using the jab to much.

He seems to lead with the uppercut a lot, which I was always told was a big no-no.

But it obviously works for him, so more power to him. I was more impressed with his stamina and going hard for 3 rounds. I thought Nelson's strategy was to rope-a-dope him and gas him out in the early rounds, but didn't seem like Dos Santo got that tired. He was still going at it at the end of round 3.

he doesn't need to kick.

there are very few technical strikers at HW
and at HW where dudes can 1 punch you with ground and pound, you cannot afford to give up free takedowns

its not like he hits like a bitch either, using just his hands is fine.
nobody other then Roy would have had the balls or the chin to take that same beating

Heavyweights fighting at that pace will gas. Junior looked excellent last night and Roy tested him mentally which is a good thing. Roy is like the real life Rocky Balboa, you just can't knock the guy out. As for Junior he needed a fight like this, not another quick 1st round KO. Cain and Brock will test him even further, so he needs to be in precarious situations and learn how to get through them.