JDS: Cain return too soon, will go to back of line

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                                JDS: Cain return too soon, will go to back of line

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                    <p>&quot;For a whole year, I've been thinking about redeeming myself. I want the belt, I got into this sport to be the champion,&quot; said challenger Cain Velasquez. &quot;When you fight, there's a sense of urgency. I don't know how you can want something too much.&quot;</p>

"I can learn from a loss. You can't just go in there and shoot, shoot, shoot," said Velasquez. "You've got to set it up, like the big punch, with combinations. That will make things easier. I know we will keep the fight standing up at times."

Velasquez used that strategy in May during his first-round technical knockout of the larger Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva, who was reduced to a bloody mess.

UFC Heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos has a strategy of his own.

"Cain is good standing too, but I can see holes during a fight better than he can, and I will be waiting for that opportunity," said dos Santos. "It doesn't matter how prepared he is. I'm going to hit his face with good punches and I will knock him out."

"I know his game plan of taking people down and doing ground and pound has been effective for some people, but I can defend that with my jiu-jitsu skills."

"I think it's a problem for him that he'll be a little nervous. I should be nervous too, but I'm not. I'm confident. I actually think it's a mistake for Cain Velasquez to be getting this fight again so soon, because after he loses this one, he's going back to the end of the line to get at this again."

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TTTonight! I love this match up.

I agree, would have made more sense to wait for this fight but ZUFFA had nobody else for JDS to fight

Its been a while so please correct me if I am wrong but didn't JDS land a shot just behind the ear that wobbled Cain? For some reason I remember seeing that and thinking that could happen to anyone regardless of how good their chin is. They could actually have a good fight this time if that is the case.