Jean Claude Leuyer World CLass?

I am going to watch Fearless and was reading a review and they listed Jean Claude Leuyer as a 7 time world champ?

He might have been good but in K-1 he got tooled a lot, was he good outside of K-1?

Leuyer wasn't that bad of a fighter. He's big and had powerful kicks and KO power. His big problem was a lack of a good chin. Held several world titles and was the guy that ended Curtis Schuster's career, even though he lost the fight.

So he was good?

I thought he was vetry good. K1 just has some great fighters who can win at any day.

A lot of the K-1 guys who have held or still hold World titles from the ISKA, etc. And they aren't undefeated in K-1.

JKL was a very good HW fighter with dangerous leg kicks and KO power. He had a little bit of a weak chin and K1, at the time, did hold the very best HW fighters from around the globe.

he's definitely world class. he did have a rough ending to his career. two/three KO's I believe. But he was one of the best at the time. surely remembered for his leg kicks, maybe the best ever in that category.

Someone post the clip of him getting KTFO by Peter Aerts. Mofo went down like a tree!