Jean Claude's Daughter (No pic)

He said she was only 16, DAMNN !!! I thought that was his girlfriend. That gal is going to be of the UBER HOTNESS !!!!

Can someone add a pic ??

Ok back to MMA

She definately looks much older than 16.

She looked like a real MMA fan. Dunno why he dragged her grumpy ass there.

why don't you have a seat over here


HUH ???

Her expression of utter misery was priceless.

LOL this reminds me of when my girl was in the restroom with one of joe rogans dates at one of the ufcs. She said that she was on the phone talking to her friend about how boring it was. I think it was the ken vs kimo card.

LOL @ XChoke

Glad I could help make you happy albor !!!

Pics of Bianca Van Damme, you're welcome...

flares nostrils

Thanks brudda, She looked much Hotter tonight. Maybe because she had that nasty bitch face on.

I wonder if she can do the Van Damme splits?

flares nostrils

At Me alby ??? I got a good lil buzz going for me bro, so I am a little slower then normal, Why am I pissing you off ??

Yes, I'm flaring my nostrils at you....and not that attractive female known as Van Damme's daughter.


Go get Er Tiger !!!!

bad homelife - left eye is squinted, relative to right.

Probably tough to have a cokehead for a dad.

she looks like brittny murphy

that means a bad homelife?

Chinese facereading. Left side is close family & friends, Right side is public persona.

Eyes signify openess, positivity/negativity in relationships.