Jean Jacque Machado VS. Roy Harris

On Roy Harris's web site if found some clips with him competing agains Jean Jacque Machado, can someone give some info on where and when this macth happend. And can i get this match in its entirety some where?

I have the entire match on a cd. roy harris put it out on one of his seminar cd rom's as a toolkit for the techniques on the seminar. Havent watched it in a while, but I believe Roy did score 4 points in the match. He was going for subs, but JJM was too much for him and won on points if I'm not mistaken. FYI, Roy was once a student under JJM. This happened at UCI (Irvine, California) a few years back in this black belt challenge event that Joe Moreira put together.

I love the way Roy Harris teaches. Top class.


The other day he showed up at my house with my instructor to get a copy of the UFC. That was cool and unexpected, he looked a lot bigger than 200 to me though.