jean jacques addidas gi the best

I must say that I really am enjoying training in this gi.I have owned about seven bjj gi`s including Atama Hybrid and krugans and Koral .The gi is not to heavy but very strong and not to light.(I felt my koral gi is to light)Its is extremly comfortable.The gi is also very sharp looking also.Also after washing and training in it a few times the gi has kind of molded itself to my body so its a perfect fit.I think anyone looking for a quality gi that will last a long time should consider it.

it should be for the price.

If it's anything like their top of the line Judo gi I'll stick with my Koral

My bottom of the line Adidas JJ gi is really comfy, but it's ridiculously thin.

Then again, that's comparing the $50 gi to the $$$ JJM.


I really like mine for it's comfort. It faded fast though.