Jean Jaques Championship Tech.Book

The book is excellent, Its all gi, shows attacks defenses guard passes
drills and more.

Tournament strategy and scoring. This may be best book yet, ( I think
Roylers Submission Grappling and Renzos theory book are the 2 best).


renzos book is ok but roylers book is off the hook

thanks, I was considering buying it sight unseen, but was hesitant. now I will pick it up.

I am a little disappointed with Carlson's book, bought it sight unseen too.

I have carlsons book,

its not as good as the jean Jaques book but I knew I had to buy it. I
think its the only book so far with NHB techniques.

great book, hell the Machados are all very classy,

FUnny Machado story...

We teach Taekwondo here among other arts. One of our old school Taekwondo guys moved to Dallas, started doing some jiujitsu; when he called ot tell us who with he told us some Brazilian guy named Charles Macadoo (Carlos Machado) so ignorant so innocent and sweet LOL

This book along with Jean Jacques earlier book (Black Belt Techniques) are simply the best books available. They are not begginer books but more of way to get from intermediate to advanced skill levels.

I wish Kid would have worked on Rigan's Encyclopedia as well. He could of taken that set to the next level. Having said that I think Rigan's does an execellent job of a comprehensive review of moves to get to a decent bluebelt position. The pictures although black and white are servicable. The explanations need to be a bit more clear as if you didn't know how to do the move you might miss some hand placements, etc.

(I know I'm off topic here re: Rigan's Encyclopedia but one great thing about this 3 volume set is I can now throw out all my notes from my first couple years of training. All those moves are in here.)

Color photos and a bit more detailed description would have made Rigan's set my favorite-no contest.


Little book buying tip. Check out under the book section and type in Jiu-Jitsu and check out the prices there.

Brad Souders

All of Kid Peligro's books are awesome, but the two JJ Machado books are my favorite.

I just picked up Rigan's Vol.1. What drew my eye was the half guard techs and sweeps that I haven't seen in other books. Just got JJ's first book from the library and am liking Rigan's book better. Wish I had the $ for Vol 2 and 3.

just bought it, looks great.

"I wish Kid would have worked on Rigan's Encyclopedia as well. He could of taken that set to the next level."

You're right.

Rigan's triangle book, with Dave Meyer, and accompanying DVD, are first class though.

I personally think John Danaher is the best BJJ collaborative writer out there (as well as a great grappler in his own right), but Kid is a very close second.