Jeez Frank Shamrock is a sh*tty Pro-wrestler...

I came across this on Youtube, i know you are supposed to sell the match but from the looks of it Frank is outright trying to Hook or shoot( real match) Daisuke Nakamura. I am familiar with U-style matces but he is not pulling his submission holds... check it out. pt.1 pt.2

 He just doesn't have what it takes.  Most people don't.  Good thing there is MMA for these guys to fall back on.  Ken Shamrock was actually a decent wrestler though.

I don't think Vince would have allowed the braces, unless they packaged him in some sort of nerd gimmick like Jameson.

Frank's pro wrestling career was one of the most decorated in WFA history.

lol decent wrestler. You mean decent actor. They do very little if any wrestling

FloridaStriker - lol decent wrestler. You mean decent actor. They do very little if any wrestling

Actor? You've never seen Mr. Nanny or The Tooth Fairy.

 No, I mean like a wrestler.  Like John Cena and The Rock.  You know, international celebs?

Ken is also a shitty actor.  I saw him in some movie walking around the jungle in his red speedos.  Unintention comedy. 

FACT: Professional wrestlers have won NCAA championships and Olympic gold medals in wrestling, but none have ever won an Oscar.

 ive never enjoyed pro wrestling more than that match. looked like sparring

Frank is a MMA legend. He could have went the Ken Shamrock route of quitting MMA and going to pro wrestling. Paul Heyman was trying hard to convince him to join ECW. Frank said pro wrestling is tougher on the body then MMA, but he got more satisfaction out of competing in MMA.