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Jeff Curran Comments on Miguel Torres

From: Big Frog
 WOW! thats all i can say.  Suddenly Miguel Torres is God.  First of all for the record from some guy posting above says that I have been calling out Migue Torres at Naga for years.  Who the hell told you that dude.  I have never in my entire life called Miguel Torres out at Naga.  Never even crossed my mind so your source is way off on that.

Secondly, i lose one fight in 60 by a submission to Urijah faber and i suddenly don't transfer my BJJ to MMA as good as torres?  That's just ridiculous.  Bottom line is i am a survivor, not a risk taker in the majority of my fights but i am sorry but i have faced a long list of top talent.  Torres had a very hard time in his last wec fight against a guy who was lucky to land a liver shot in his previous fight to land a shot at torres.  If torres was so special he would have wrecked his last opponent.

MIguel is slick as hell, I am the first to admit.  I am personally a fan of his as he has claimed to be of mine.  But, here are a few quick facts to ease your troubled little minds:

Miguel has fought some good guys, yes, but...the majority of his fight record consists of fighters that haven't been very active overall. Meaning they are not currently fighting.  Here are some simple numbers

My 42 total opponents total a win/loss/draw record of 479-269-25 (773 total fights), MIguel Torres has fought guys totaling a record of 204-159-7 combined record (370 total fights) out of his 35 total fights.

So on an average, i have 7 more fights than him yet my opposition has a total of 403 more total fights.  I have been subbed 1x in my carrer.  After dominating urijah on the ground the first round.  One cut above the nose when i was in his guard turned that fight his way and everyone with a brain knows that. 

Career Win Stats:

Curran:  20subs, 12 dec, 1ko, 1tko

Torres:  20 subs, 6 dec, 0 ko, 6tko, 1 tko by broken toe, 1 ?

Opponents overall win/loss percentage:

Curran's Opposition:  65% win ratio, 35% Loss (out of total 748 fights, not including draws)

Torres's Opposition:  56% win ratio, 44% loss ratio (out of 363 fights)

So, for the record to all of you guys who think a natural 135 lb guy is going to impose some sort of a challenge for me that i haven't seen you should check again.  He cannot hurt me in any part of the game.  Bottom Line!  Where are your facts!!!!

that's what i thought.  Like the saying goes:  "Opinions are like assholes, everyones got one"

harsh, imo

This really didn't need it's own thread though. It is fine in the thread it's in.

Jeff W - This really didn't need it's own thread though. It is fine in the thread it's in.

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guys I made this thread to highlight it our news :)

It wasn't Jeff making it it's own thread.

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 Miguel still wins.

Jeff Curran is a great fighter. Anyone that DOESN'T want to see this fight is nuts. It's nothing short of a SuperFight.

The fans win in this match between the two awesome fighter's!

We don't really know till they fight, that's why they fight. If it goes down I'm one fan that will tune in. Should be a great fight.

Hey Big Frog....will you admit that you won a BULL SHIT decision over Wagney Fabiano? Everyone at the arena that night didnt deserve that decision at all.

more modfoolery, imo

Glad to see someone of a higher profile trying to throw a blanket on the overwhelming inferno of Torres fandom. People (most) see three of this guy's fights and all of a sudden he's a god. Internet bandwagoning at its peak.
As with Jeff, it's not to say he isn't good, but people need to calm down.

It must've taken Curran a lot of time to put that together. No disrespect intended, but it seems like he's protesting too much.

According to his own stats, Curran has won 48% of his fights by sub, but Torres has won 80% of his fights by sub. Curran has won 5% of his fights by KO/TKO, but Torres has won 17% or more by TKO, including his most recent fight. It's kinda hard for Torres to improve on that TKO% when he's subbing such a high % of his opponents.

It's also probably worth mentioning that Torres hasn't lost in 5 years and avenged his only loss with a 1st-round submission win. Meanwhile, Curran has lost his last 2 fights, and probably needs at least a couple of wins at 135 just to put him in contention.

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ttt for both guysi like both of them

 Torres is the man guys, i said that.  I also said i was a fan.  What this post from me was for is to show some facts.  Its simple stats and simple math, but i have another 20 fights un-recorded and so does miguel.  I have just as much potential to submit opponents as he does.  I have fought top level guys in wars, 3 rounds of non-stop action against top undefeated guys, bjj black belts you name it.  AT least 1 somtimes 2 weight classes higher than we will be fighting at.  The post is to let people know that you can have your opinions, you can speak them but don't go on faith alone.  There are simple facts that support me.  I am not "PROTESTING" anything.  I simply stating some facts.  Its my right.  I haven't gone to the UG forums for prob years. This fight with miguel interests me more than most so i am looking into it a little more than usual. its a fight that we have both been offered many times over the years.  Miguel did defend his loss to Ackerman by beating him.  I never got another shot to fight ackerman because i beat him the first time. Then my guy Bart fought him when he was coming onto the scene and KO'ed him in a few minutes back when was mopping the floor with Bart in the gym.  So, yeah some guys get better, some get worse.  Miguel and i have both improved.  If you guys think Miguel would physically be able to handle Mike Brown you are crazy.  Just not happening.  IMO (I have opinions too) lol

 Go Big Frog!