Jeff Curran Seminar in Waterloo IA


June 5th 10AM to 2PM

Come and learn from one of Pedro Sauer's top students! Jeff Curran is currently one of the country's most talented and technical Brazilian Jiu Jitsu players along with one of the top ranked no holds barred fighters in the world. At only 26 years of age, Jeff has accomplished more in the sport than many people accomplish in their lives. Come and learn from one of the best! All levels of experience
welcome. This will be an open question seminar for each individual to have the opportunity to learn what they are interested in.

Jiu Jitsu gi recommended but not required.

Cost: $75 Advance Registration, $85 at the door

Visa and Mastercard accepted.

Contact me at

Cedar Valley Pro Fitness and Martial Arts
1033 Decathlon Drive
Waterloo IA 319-234-1935

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