Jeff Glover's you tube show

Just caught the link to Jeff Glover's new youtube show. It was shot at GB USA headquarters. Anyways it's a cool concept hopefully it keeps going and they work out some of the kinks!
Anyways check it out!

good show

so what. it's good info for people that aren't on here all the time, including two weeks ago.

on a side note, i heard marcelo garcia is moving back to NYC.


I heard Ari is affiliating with Keith Owens.

I just heard Brandon Quick is not a brown belt.

 Well, I just heard Rickson is Undefeated! Beat that!

TekNyc - I just heard Brandon Quick is not a brown belt.

he got promoted?

yeah, he finally got the bb.

nice show! I like the technical rolling session


the paragon episode is now up

they need to make those episodes longer!


keep 'em coming!

ep. 2 was a lot better

Good stuff...



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