Jeff Hardy's NWA-TNA return

Jeff Hardy finally made his in-ring return last night against A.J.Styles.
Forunately,his drugs were nowhere to be found.

How did he look (in ring performance)?

Unfortuntately I knew about it before the show thanks to Meltzer. I guess he doesn't know how to post spoiler warnings.

Jeff didn't look too bad, but they only went about 7 minutes before Kid Kash and Dallas broke it up. Jeff was a bit sloppy of course, but he didn't look too terrible. The crowd was really hot for the match. They loved Jeff.

Surprisingly, Jeff is quite a bit bigger than AJ.

"Forunately,his drugs were nowhere to be found."


AJ's not a big guy at all.

haven't seen it, but it probably was a decent 7 minutes.

I know Styles is about 5'9", but in pics he looks like he's more muscular than Jeff.

Yeah I've seen AJ in person and he's short, like 5'8" I think, but I always thought of Jeff as a scrawny little fucker.

i thought he left the WWE to concentrate on music.

Was there another reason?

He was unreliable. Jeff always looked like a toothpick in the WWE; I can't imagine him being 230..

As long as he's back in the ring, and not working on that "poetry" on his webpage.