Jeff Joslin was robbed Quebecstyle

I really hate to complain about decisions but that was one of the worst decisions I have ever witnessed. Crowd noise and hometown Advantage came in to play and Jeff got the short end of the stick. All judges should be shipped in from some small island and forced to wear ear plugs. The fans were cheering for punches that were not landed and when Jeff landed a clean shot it was as quiet as a library. Jeff keep your head up we all know who won the fight. Hope to see you fight again real soon.

I agree...I really like Goulet & Team Legion...but face it...he lost in front of his hometown boys. Personally I would play the tape of that fight to beginners about how passing the guard.

the fight wasn't one sided but i felt joslin clearly won. the fans freaking out whenever goulet escaped made it seem like goulet was scoring, but really he was escaping from instances of jeff scoring heavily. goulet had some takedowns with moderate striking offense from within joslin's guard in r1 but joslin had him in sub trouble for much of the match and pounded him pretty good in r2, as evidenced by goulet's face post fight. that being said, goulet far exceeded most people's expectations and has tonnes of heart and plenty of skill.

Goulet fought very well but did not win the fight IMO. I could understand one judge being off but to call that a UN decision I cannot understand. Goulets face had a bunch of nice battle scars while I have seen people who where more beat up by Christmas Shopping at Wal-Mart then Jeff Joslin was in that fight

Goulet did nothing to win the fight. *throws a punch...misses...crowd goes wild*

I was a bit surprised with the unanimous decision for Goulet....but Jeff probably knew he needed to KO or submit Goulet in Victoriaville.

First of all 2 rounds do not work if these fights are going to be judged by rounds not entire fights. It would be nice to see the QAC change to 3x3 minute rounds. With that being said Jeff got robbed bad.

Jeff rocked Goulet with a quick right. Goulet was on queer street and didn't want anymore of that so he grabbed the legs and pulled Jeff down. He layed in Jeff's guard and tried to strike him. While he was trying to strick Jeff, Jeff was going for a triangle, kimura, sweeps, etc that should have scored points. In the second round it was pure domination by Jeff. He opened up a cut over Goulet's left eye(at the end of the fight Goulet looked like a racoon). Jeff got mount twice and just willed his way with Goulet.

If the would have given this fight draw I could even understand that but a unamanious decision was a slap in the face.

I talked to Jeff after the fight and he was good spirits and told me what can you do. Pure class act. I talked to him and his father and the weigh-in's and the both of them are the best. Who ever is taught and trains with Jeff should count themselves lucky(I'm sure you do). This guy has such a positive energy around him that once you get done talking with him you almost feel charged up. Can't wait to see Jeff fight again and he has a fan for life here.

Did he at least get a complimentary poutine???

If the reports are accurate, BS like that is bad for both fighters, and the sport.

LOL at this Thread

I didnt see the fight but I doubt Dave Goulet could even go full distance with Jeff Joslin let alone beat him. Props for going the distance with Jeff.

Sounds like more fishy UCC judging. I'll have to see the fight.

ttyl, Greg Compton

It looks like its time for some Hamilton boys to make a trip to Victoriaville and search for these judges. Be scared, be very scared I am wearing by dad's work boots around now, getting ready for when we find these judges.

Yes, an old fashion booting! The Simpsons would be proud!

It's too bad that this had to happen to a person that trains so hard and is such a positive influence on so many people.

Is Goulet the guy that fought at the last TKO, the guy with all the bikers cheering him on?

that was Steve Duquette

Those Bikers are the "Hell's Angels" and they my friend have a "certain" influence on TKO.

lol, i just wanted to put a face to the name. That would suck if they did have an influence but I wouldn't be surprised either.

Watch the DVD or if you were there... did you notice the lady in the pictures with the new LHW champ ? When they belted the new guy... Look at her leather jacket, what colors are those? Harley colors and the boys she were sittin with were you guessed it...

Traditional Harely colors are black/orange, Hells Angels club colors are red/white. Many bikers ride Harleys but that doesn't necessarily mean they are part of the Hells Angels.

Joslin rules, 'nuff said!!!

I sat pretty much right next to that lady..Actually I sat next to her man..

You know what was kind of funny ??? She and her whole group were huge Vigneault supporters (along with me) and she had to go up and be in the pictures with Cote and his new belt. Check out her smile (if there was one)...It was VERY forced.... :)

Ok... let me make things clear.

I was on the other side of them opposite to JHR, same row.

She was with a man in a white shirt who was pretty big, with a black leather vest and a fucken HELLS ANGEL PIN in gold... now he had his colors on, as did the other 40 members there. She, was wearing a Harley Jacket and sitting with them.

So do the math, and its a well known fact they run TKO. I'm gotta get murdered...thanks ;)

Now post pics of the Lifestyle condoms girls.

*EDITED: for clarity

there were many bikers there. But that is alright by me. I just hope they are not the judges.