Jeff Monson article

sorry, if somebody has already posted this, I just read it,

He's still a little extreme on his views, but I respect a guy who tells it as he see's it and doesn't care about the consequences. I think hes a pretty good fighter, and can't wait to see more of the snowman.

It's a refreshing change from the prototypical MMA meathead. TTT for the Snowman!


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Great article and thoughtful comments below it - I love that the Secret Service "reporting" plan totally backfired - that story can be used to market him as a total hardcore badass now...

I think he's more of a badass because of the whole 5'9, 250lbs. of solid muscle, 2 time abu dhabi champ thing.


Only the very well educated can formulate an idea as idiotic as anarcho-socialism


Those 3 agents probably bugged his house...

"Only the very well educated can formulate an idea as idiotic as anarcho-socialism"

Thats very true.

"If you need a house, your friends help you build it. And if someone kills your family, your friends help you track them down and kill them!"

I think theres a better term for that than anarcho-socialism....

Interesting article... I disagree with a lot of Monson's politics personally (I'm more of an anarcho-capitalist / libertarian), but he seems like a smart guy who has something to say that he believes in... gotta respect that.