Jeff Monson is a good Heavyweight

Has some decent wins and has fought some great guys.

Loss Josh Barnett Decision (Unanimous) Sengoku - Second Battle 5/18/2008 3 5:00
Win Hakim Goram Decision (Unanimous) PFP - Ring of Fire 12/9/2007 N/A
Loss Pedro Rizzo TKO (Punches) AOW - Art of War 3 9/1/2007 3 2:40
Win Kazuyuki Fujita Submission (Rear Naked Choke) PRIDE 34 - Kamikaze 4/8/2007 1 6:37
Loss Tim Sylvia Decision (Unanimous) UFC 65 - Bad Intentions 11/18/2006 5 5:00
Win Anthony Perosh TKO (Strikes) UFC 61 - Bitter Rivals 7/8/2006 1 2:22
Win Marcio Cruz Decision (Split) UFC 59 - Reality Check 4/15/2006 3 5:00
Win Branden Lee Hinkle Technical Submission (North/South Choke) UFC 57 - Liddell vs Couture 3 2/4/2006 1 4:35
Win Marc Emmanuel Submission (Rear Naked Choke) CWFC - Strike Force 4 11/26/2005 1 0:58
Win Devin Cole Decision XFC - Dome of Destruction 3 10/15/2005 3 5:00
Win Jay White Submission (Rear Naked Choke) SF 12 - Breakout 9/16/2005 1 1:30
Win Rich Wilson Submission (Armbar) Extreme Wars - X-1 7/2/2005 1 1:56
Win Tengiz Tedoradze Submission (Rear Naked Choke) CWFC - Ultimate Force 4/30/2005 1 1:59
Win Jay White Submission (Injury) Euphoria - USA vs World 2/26/2005 1 4:07
Win Brian Stromberg Submission (Rear Naked Choke) SF 8 - Justice 1/8/2005 1
Win Tengiz Tedoradze Submission (Rear Naked Choke) CWFC 9 - Xtreme Xmas 12/18/2004 1 3:51
Win Pat Stano TKO Euphoria - Road to the Titles 10/15/2004 2 3:11
Win Carlos Clayton Decision AFC - Brazil 1 8/28/2004 3 5:00
Win Don Richard Submission (Choke) IC 7 - The Crucible 6/5/2004 2 2:25
Win Joe Nye Submission (Rear Naked Choke) MD 12 - Mass Destruction 12 8/16/2003 1 3:02
Win Mike Delaney Submission (Choke) AFC 4 - Absolute Fighting Championships 4 7/19/2003 1 4:27

"WTF? Barnett fought last night?"
3 hours ago.

And Jeff Monson is a friggin tiny HW.

Disagree. He a severely blown up LHW IMO. Can barely move, strike, or breathe when he's out there.


How did the fight look. Most people in the know thought the Barnett vs Monson fight would be a work between the two. They are not only friends and training partners but Barnett also sometimes manages Monson.

he has also fought Liddell, Forrest Griffen, and Ricco Rodriguez

all losses though

you know you misspelled your SN right?

"How did the fight look. Most people in the know thought the Barnett vs Monson fight would be a work between the two. They are not only friends and training partners but Barnett also sometimes manages Monson."

It was ugly and boring. Clearly they didn't have any rules against punching on the mat either.


Pretty much It was Josh teeing off with knees and leg kicks while Monson would occasioanlly shoot in or throw a wild winging shot. Josh pretty much controlled round 1 but didn't do a ton of damage.


Round 2 Monson took him down, but Josh escaped and returned the favor. They pretty much cancelled each other out with the only shots being pretty weak.


Round 3 was all Josh, taking him down several times and kneeing the crap out of him standing. Monson looked pretty gassed most of this round. He had no offence, and Barnett was going for a footlock at the end, even though it wasn't that close.


Don't waste your time watching the was pretty boring.


Jeff is an AMAZING Heavyweight grappler

but mma, he's ok

 Isnt Barnett supposed to be fighting in the Affliction card???


They probably agreed to carry each other and give Barnett the win IMO. Monson is a great competitive grappler but the loss would hurt Barnett a lot more in his MMA career. Monson just does MMA occasionally.

The fight was about what I'd expect from two close friends. They were even chatting and touching each other during the referree's instructions. As for Barnett, pretty sad commentary on your career when you have to resort to fighting your friends in a second-rate promotion.

Jeff is great. Randleman will get smoked.

Randleman looked really bad, I even think he lost that fight.

I found it a pretty hard fight to watch, the looks on thier faces as they came out for each round was a kind of disbelief that they had to do this, it was quite clear they are very good friends. While there were only a few hard shots and one potentially nasty knee, I don't think there was an agreement, but that thier heart wasn't really into it. Hard to take anything away from either guy after that.

 Yeah, I'm with Casper. I don't think anyone carried anyone, they just looked like they weren't giving it their all. It felt like a friendly bout.

Had they really wanted to work or carry someone, you would've seen some wilder stuff. As it stand, it was terrible. Monson's never been a good heavyweioght or really even a good MMA fighter in general. His biggest win was a win over Pe De Pano, which he arguably got a gift decision for.

Barnett won't hurt his friends

^^ 1-1 against your beloved Noguiera

And he came the closest of getting an actual submission

I think they should give Roger to Barnett. I can already hear Your Fathers feminine whimpering as Barnett obliterates him

monson is shorter than the 135 lbs miguel torres