Jeff Neal arrested on DUI and weapons charge 16 days out from fight

Jeff got picked up on a dui and weapons charge. He is 16 days out from fight. That’s not a good sign of his dedication if he was out drinking.

looks like self sabotage.
He doesn’t think he can win and has given himself a built in excuse for losing.


You have to wonder if he always drinks in camp or if maybe that’s why he looked off last fight.


Geoff Neal, who the fuck is Jeff Neal?


He’s had a terrible run of bad luck.
" In 2020, Neal suffered a serious setback outside the cage when he battled staphylococcal pneumonia and sepsis from a mysterious ailment that required his hospitalization. Neal said after his loss to Magny that he [planned to take time away] from the sport to recuperate, saying he didn’t feel normal after his health scare."

Sad. This also included fucking heart failure before he fought Wonderboy. Unfortunate to see him in this type of shape. Hopefully this is his rock bottom and he can right himself, whether it means continuing his fight career or not.

Not to sound like a dick, but at least this is only like a 3 on the Jon Jones Scale.


The arrest was last week on Thanksgiving.

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Fuck blew that spelling error and it’s too late for to edit.

Walks off ashamed

Who the fuck is Jeff

Jebus man why kick me when I am down???


If you read the article, apparently Geoff thinks he was below the legal limit so he voluntarily submitted a blood test to prove it. If that proves to be true, then the gun charge will be dropped as well.

Some interesting dumbass laws in my home state of Texas.

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I live next door to McKinney. Crazy.

Heart failure? What?

It would be news if the found out he was sober and not carrying a weapon.

This is normal every day shit.

Apparently Neal’s fight with Ponzinibbio is still on…


Fuken dumb to be drinking at all within 3 weeks of a big fight imo

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Yep. I think Neal had lots of potential but the Wonderboy fight seemed to have ripped his soul out. He was confident and got completely outclassed. Then Magny came along and further proved that Geoff really needs to add tools

This Ponz fight is very interesting and hopefully Neals head is on straight


Ponzinibbio’s Spanish is like like if Spanish had a Jamaican accent. Very entertaining for the ears.