Jeff Novitzky: a double agent???

UFC’s Jeff Novitzky discusses USADA, weight cutting in wide-ranging Q&A


UFC’s USADA policy deliberately less strict on TUEs than official USADA policy


reading these two articles, it seems Jeff Novitzky and Ryan Madden needs to have a long dinner, because their pov differs a lot.

Jeff, we know you are hired by the UFC and work for them. we don't expect you to hand out TUE's like flypaper, so athletes are legal, but not clean.

Jeff, Why have seperate UFC rules who are weaker than USADA's rules, while advocating USADA rules all the time?

the UFC rules open up loopholes to cheat, were USADA rules have been plugged to fix the loopholes.

Why not have a seperate IV policy, because its a huge thing in MMA? why hold on to the USADA rules? and in other cases rewrite those USADA rules into UFC rules.

Other/weaker rules means more work and headaches.

just remember an athlete already has to deal with the state commission rules and USADA on top, and now is seems they have to learn a third rulebook? the UFC rules.

for godsake, simplify the rules, fighters are good at fighting, rules not so good.