Jeff outs Zeke as transgender. survivor WTF??

WHO watches this crap? LOLOL

Everyone wants to be a cutthroat until it's time to cut a throat.

MMAhaiku - Everyone wants to be a cutthroat until it's time to cut a throat.
Or a penis

Looks like everyone is gay on that show.

LOL @ that. I love how the host of the show just decided who was going home.

Also is that Zeke the plumber?

What did zeke say? I couldnt make out the words of his sniffling, shaky voice.

Lol @ we don't need to vote

I watched a season a year or two ago that Zeke was on. I just thought he was a gay dude. I'm surprised that he was born female.

I cried so much when the music started at the end and they embraced.

This is such an important and moving show.


varner as a fellow fag should have respected that secret

TryhardNobody -

I think it is fantastic to have transgender ppl on tv as much as possible and anyone who doesn't agree can go to hell

So everyone can see how fucked up it is? Good point man. Didn't even think of that. 

Varner got fired from his job over this.

I'm not big on the transgender movement that was kinda shitty. Everyone has secrets they want to keep to themselves, zeke being a he/she had nothing to do w the show

Back from the dead - Varner got fired from his job over this.
Is that even something he can be fired for? Had nothing to do with his job

Two thoughts.

1. Who watches this crap?

2. Who's more horrible, the guy who outed the tranny to a few people or the Survivor execs who aired this shit to millions of people for the publicity?

Do you guys think he was a hot chick?

It wasn't a live broadcast, was it? I am sure the producers would have reluctantly pulled that segment if Zeke didn't want it aired, given the Jenny Jones incident. 

Haha. The Asian sounds like a fag.

The Asian guy is gay