Jeff Sarrafin to fight in KOTC

Good luck Jeff! You will own that ring. Hopefully, in the months to follow, brentwood won't put your fight on one of their dvd packages with that mr. clean guy and crappy house music. You deserve your own dvd series, with harvey firestien as the commentator. We are all rooting for you, and hope you come back next weekend to tell us the details.


who you be fightin'?

Serafin IMO

Jeff, good luck, I know you'll do great!


Jeff is gangster. Good luck, bro.

Good luck Jeff! Team Caique at IU sends its props.

LOL... they misspelled your last name!

Awww snap! Tim is going to regulate on those misspelling bastards!

Hey Tim, did I tell you I got my ass kicked by Andrei Arlovski? It was pretty cool.

Which KOTC? ttt

im sorry jeff, me have a.d.d. I was typing and watching Zombi 2 at the same time, and it was the part where the zombie fights the shark. I'm sure you will all understand

"A.D.D? What are you, speakin' fuckin Greece?"
-cky vol 2

Good luck Serafin!

Great news! Jeff will do well.

jeff iz da man, he be regulatin dat ring yo

Any news? When is Jeff fighting?

Man, it was a tough fight for him.

He actually had to gain 5lbs in order to make weight.

The guy he fought was named John Souder, John came across cool as hell and very well manered.

There was two times int he fight that I thought Jeff had a submission locked in but couldnt finish it. He took a lot of punishment durring the fight and even complained when it was stopped by the doc.

I gained a lot of respect for Jeff in this loss and am excited to see him fighting on May 21st on Joe Goytias show in Hammond.