Jen BJJ Holiday sale

I am now having a holiday sale from now until Dec. 20th on all instructional videos. A 15% discount with be taken off the listed price and will be deducted in the online shopping cart.

Besides my videos, I am also now offering 2 books- Passing the Guard (by Ed Beneville & Tim Cartmell)and The BJJ Master Text (by Gene Simco). The holiday sale also applies to these books.

To order go to the merchandise page at, call 408-531-1001, or e-mail me at

Michael Jen



does this include DVDS?

Already placed my order!

Time to get half guard!

TTT...gotta place my order!

ordered the butterfly guard set myself.....

"does this include DVDS?"

ttt for that.

Yes, but all you had to do was go to the site and see. :)



tttape sale!



As the DVDs are shiny on one side, and have the bio-hazzard engulfs the world logo on the other, they also make handy x-mas tree ornaments. Order many.


Any plans to get those tape series into DVD?



I plan on converting more of my instructional video to DVD over the next year.