Jen Psaki Talks Hoarding Baby Formula

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Wretched, vile red witch.


Hmmmmm. I wonder why people are fearful?


Overturn Roe and we’ll… STARVE YOUR BABIES!


This is smart, this is exactly like toilet paper! Get em Jen!

THis fucking Joke of an Administration blames everything on everyone else! This is your Liberal Democrat! This is what they do! This is how they live!


I bet Hunter has an eBay site selling baby formula.

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I think the feds are hoarding it and sending it to the border.

Biden’s feds shutdown the largest baby formula maker and wouldn’t allow them to open back up for months. That’s what caused it

“Calling on companies to limit what is sold”

Un fucking real

I try & stay ahead by keeping a 1 month supply on hand. I keep ordering through Amazon, but it’s hit or miss when it’s in stock. I randomly check each day & if in stock, I buy a week or 2 of supply. It takes anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to get it.

Fortunately, my daughter is 9 months old, so I only need 2 to 3 month’s more before I can switch out for whole milk. The idiots who are feeding formula to kids over a year old are part of the problem.

The baby formula maker that Biden’s FDA shutdown since February, has finally been allowed to open back up after the shortage hit the shelves and it caused outrage.

They said it would take two months or so to catch back up with demand…

To the extent people are hoarding it, and I bet that claim is wildly overblown, it was in response to some observant people noticing it was not getting restocked.

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