Jen spiderguard question

what attack combo's would you suggest against a large skilled opponnent using a spiderguard.

Saying that an opponent is large and skilled is a pretty general description. There are many things you can try from the spider guard, however, the best advice I can give you is not to stay locked into one guard position. If you are dealing with an opponent that is very skilled, he will eventually figure out how to counter your open guard position, so you have to be ready to switch to another position.

One of the best times to attack is the instant you get your particular open guard position. The problem with most people is that they pause and hold the position too long before attacking. During that pause, your opponent has already realized that is going on and is getting ready to counter. If you want to attack with the spider guard, your attack should begin before he even realizes he was in spider guard. I call this strategy "touch and go".

because Im doing judo these guys tend to do stall tactics the spiderguard was the one thing that stops the stall tactics,I see your point about attacking right away because I do tend to weight to long,I also purchased your pin escape series because these guys pins can be very tuff we have a good judo club that focuses on the ground lots and members who went as far as adcc.Thanks for the help I'll try this new strategy.

The problem with spider guard is it requires some forward pressure to execute most of the techniques from that position. If the person stalls and especially leans back, there really aren't really many options unless you want to remove both feet off the arms and then that's not spider guard anymore.

For me personally, if a person is trying to stall, I prefer butterfly guard. I can force more action from that position.

Thanks man maybe I'll get your other tapes aswell

One might argue that the spider guard might work just a little bit better in mma than in no-gi bjj, because of what Bolo just said and the fact that when your opponent leans back in mma, you can kick him in the head (in Pride, not in the UFC).

Personally, I like the butterfly guard more than the spider guard.

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