Jens' book..Never

pretty good book Hard not to be a fan of Jens.Id rather the book have been more of an autobiography then thro his friends eyes But over all very good book

I really liked his other book "Lil' Evil" so I will definietely buy this book.

Any word on whatever happened to Ricco's book, "How to Win a Street Fight"?

^I think it was renamed "How to Eat a Twinkie and Snort a Line Simultaneously"

J/K, I like Ricco

I heard Ricco's book didnt make it to the shelfs but then I heard people criticizing it after they read it, so I am not too sure what happened there.

Any of these coloring books? Maybe I have to wait for the Joe Rogan book for that.

I was interested to see what people had to say about this book.

I read 'lil evil' and that was great book.

I definitely need to pick up this book.


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Jews' book..Never Again!

Ricco's book was never pubished