Jens just lost

I was there, flying knee KO. He was down for a couple minutes. I still love that guy.

"Let the left hand hunt" Phone Post

Always a Jens fan no matter what but that sucks

Sad to hear. I wish he would retire already.



One of the nicest dudes I've ever talked to. Nothing but respect for him.

I know he didn't want to listen to people who kept telling him to retire because he was losing by submissions, which he said he can work on defending, and not getting KO'd but he got KO'd tonight and just said on twitter that he half-assed it in training.

Just seems like his heart isn't into it anymore and even if it is, it doesn't seem like he can really be competitive anymore on a consistent basis.

:-( Phone Post

Isn't he a WoW addict? Like bad? Phone Post

is it bad the first thing i noticed was no sponsors on his shorts. god i wish zuffa would hire him for life ala chuck

that sux. big fan of jens.