Jens Pulver Contact Please

I'm trying to get in touch with Jens Pulver with regards a feature that I'm writing for Fighters Only magazine exploring different factors that make up a fighters personality. This has Jens written all over it - you'll understand when you read it.

If anyone can help out with contact details please email them to

Thanks in advance.

if you get a hold of him tell him I said HI!

Maybe start a thread to the attention of Monte Cox.  I think he reads this forum from time to time.

you can contact Monte at

Jens also comes here now and again and you can try the Miletich Folder. Someone over there may know better, like Pat himself.

Have you tried his website or the MFS Elite Fighters site? That is where I'd start if I didn't have contacts in place already.

Jens is one cool dude!

ninja please.