Jens Pulver Q&A: 3:00 P.M. EST FRI

Just giving everyone a heads up that Jens will be here LIVE, at 3:00 P.M. EST on Friday, May 4th to answer all your questions. Please ask only respectful questions. The Q&A will be here on this thread, but please refrain from posting questions until it starts.

Thank You,

MMA.TV Staff


sweet deal!

thank you, but no thanks :)


So it should start around now?


jens should be here soon. once he posts, start asking away.

am i late early on time what up

hey jens, is joe jordan still with you guys? if not how about a rematch with him?

Had any Chances to get any good Fishing on?

Hey Jens, big fan here. Just wondering, since I never saw your fight with Emerson, how did it go? I know you won.

Jens, didn't Gabe train with MFS briefly? (I know he's with TQ now). If so, what was your impression of him during that time.

Hey Jens. Are Joe Lauzon's ears as big in person as they are on TV?

i think gabe is being treated fairly for sure, i mean how many people didnt make it on the show that would have made weight. Joe jordan still is with us. dont think he ever trained with us, not that i know of. Emerson was tough then and very tough now. i was happy to see him on the show, hadn't seen him in awhile.

Who will win the fight between Mayweather and De LaHoya this weekend?

How much money would it take for you to fight Mayweather in an MMA bout ?

jens - any prediciton on Chuck v. Rampage?

If you and joe rematched how do you see it going down?

i would fight him for free if they needed me too, for the sport, i mean of course i want paid but i would fight him. i predict its gonna be a good fight, i cant wait to watch it. i think mayweather wins, he is just to damn fast and to good, but i would love to be wrong on that one..