Jens Pulver reaction blog now up!


"...I have no love for someone that just shows up once or twice so that they can go around saying that they trained with the fighters at Team Miletich"

"I’ve done what Wang did a million times myself. You get hit and you try to slug it out. I come from a wrestling background, but how many times do you see me take someone down? The bottom line is that it was his fight, and if he don’t feel bad afterwards about how he fought, then that’s up to him."

See what Pulver has to say about that in the blog.

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BigBopper, do you not think this counts as MMA related? I'll create a thread in the TUF forum as well. Thanks RN and Yves.

Good read. I enjoy reading these every week.

Elias --

I do think this thread counts as MMA related. As do all of the other threads on TUF that got moved to the TUF forum.

In other words: I wasn't complaining about you. Instead, I was complaining about the anonymous mod that has moved all of the other TUF-related MMA threads. The fact that this thread hasn't been moved by that anonymous mod means that he's both obnoxious (for moving all of the other threads), but also a hypocrite (for not moving yours, i.e., enforcing the rules of selectively).

PS. I support your work, and I'm glad you post notices about articles on your site. Sorry for the misunderstanding.


Thanks, no sweat my man. I appreciate you reading IF. A week or two ago I had one of these threads moved to the TUF forum, then I created another one here right after. I'm sure they don't mean any harm by it.



keep em coming!EC

Love it! Thanks insidefighting

It would be nice to see BJ's reaction, to get a better idea of how things are going on his side since we only get to see a few minutes each show. But at this point, it seems pretty clear that Jens is a much better coach, that blog just shows how much he is thinking and adapting to each of his fighters as individuals.

Pulver rocks.

Jens has really impressed me as a coach so far.

Why hasn't this been moved?

Good blog.  Anyone know where any other blogs of the fighters are.  Someone posted a few last week.

I know Joe Lauzon's is at the Boston Herald. I didn't see it up last night though. Maybe I just missed it. I will link up to it on InsideFighting for readers to check out though. RunBrutha, Card, you got it. Thank you for reading. RamPride, I agree it would be excellent to see BJ's reaction in a blog form. Two months left, I'd be happy to help make that happen. No doubt Jens is a great coach. Personally I think both guys are. If I was in Iowa I would want to be coached by Jens, if I was in Hilo I would want to be coached by BJ.