Jens Pulver reaction blog now up!!

"You saw this week's episode of The Ultimate Fighter 5 on Spike TV, now see what coach Jens Pulver has to say about it all from Joe Lauzon to Corey Hill, in his exclusive blog brought to you by Never the book!"


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you got it animalM. Thank you for reading!

Jens is just saying that because he is Corey's coach and Robert should have won the decission against Jens when they fought in what was one of Roberts first fights at a Jens hosted event. It was the main event and Robert filled in last minute. The whole crowd thought he won, but robert got robbed like he does quite often.

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Glad you enjoyed it Cleopatra, but Jens deserves the credit for making this feature happen.


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There's something Pulver should have said but didn't: give credit to Geraghty. Even though he got dominated, he volunteered for the fight, knowing how good Lauzon is. Dana absolutely should have him back in the UFC, just for putting himself on the line like that.

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Good read, thanks. Jens seems incredibly respectful towards Joe.

Glad you liked it Dwray. Jens does seem to respect Joe alot. And if you read closely, he seemed to be giving alot of credit towards BJ as well in spots. At least that's the way I read it. Very interesting blog entry from Jens as usual.

Wow - classy, well-spoken guy.