Jens Pulver reaction blog now up!!

Thanks runbrutha and BigBopper

TTT for Jens

Thanks Joe. Your blog was excellent as well. It's at the top of our headlines right now at InsideFighting.

How did the "project" last night go?

I have a lot of respect for Jens Pulver after watching this show. Class act.

Didn't go so much. I had the equipment and was planning to go early to set it up... and my asshole room mate got a flat tire and I had to help him change it. Was almost late to my own thing and didn't have time. Sorry man.

No sweat. Thanks for the effort. Sorry you were almost late yourself. There will be more similar opportunities if you want to try again.


FYI, the blog is also linked off of the "UFC in the news" section of today.

Great as always Elias and you know how I feel about your site man. Inside Fighting has always been the best for MMA & Boxing news.

Med, thanks my man. Much appreciated. You are doing good work at Formula as well. It's obvious in your interviews that you are informed.

droplogic, you got it. Thanks for reading.

Another fyi, The blog is now on the home page, second story from the top, at

Go Lil Evil

Always liked Lil' Evil. He always seemed like a stand up guy.

Lauzon could be future of the Division.

I think it's amazing that Jens never let a disrespectful comment slip AT ALL about Joe. Seriously, imagine the restraint. Serious, controlled class.

What I said.

Despite his hairstyle in PRIDE, Jens Pulver has always been the man.

Despite his hairstyle? BECAUSE of his hairstyle.

"1. Joe’s a hell of a good fighter and a good guy"

Until the day is night and night becomes the day.

"Emerson just kept on backing up and counter-punching and he didn't do enough damage counterpunching to get the decision."

It was a close fight man. Neither guy did serious damage. I can see Emerson getting the nod and I thought he should have but it wasn't robbery.

Both Jens and BJ are impressing me as coaches.
Jens I expected to be very cool and humble as he always has been but BJ's support and attitude with his guys has also impressed me.
I sort of thought he might be a bit arrogant because of his pre-fight interviews and his post fight comments but he seems pretty down to earth with a good sense of humour.

Both guys look good from what I have seen and I like both coaches even more from viewing the show.

Like I said I expected Jens to be cool but BJ has been very cool as well.

Good comments RussT