Jens Pulver TUF 5 reaction blog

Jens Pulver TUF 5 reaction blog: Episode #1 for those who didn't read it last week:

And then visit InsideFighting again tonight right after episode #2 airs fon Spike TV for Jens' reaction to this week's episode! 

"What was going on in Jens Pulver’s head when BJ Penn asked the fighters to raise their hands? How did he choose the match up he did? Now you can hear it from the man himself in his own words.

Now that you’ve seen all the action and controversy from the first episode of The Ultimate Fighter 5 (TUF5), InsideFighting is the only place to be. Courtesy of the UFC and Spike TV, Jens Pulver and InsideFighting will receive a copy of each week’s episode before it airs. Jens will then provide InsideFighting readers with his reaction to the episode which will be immediately posted online after the show is done airing. "


ttt for insidefighting's upcoming "Men of MMA" Photo Calendar.

Also TTT for the great Jens Pulver articles

Thanks Watchinmma and whitebelttommy, tonight's episode is excellent and so is Jens' reaction blog. I have a feeling that the fireworks from the season will keep on coming through Jens' InsideFighting reaction blog each week.

Yves, thanks for the ups. Our "Backstage and up close with Team RD" feature will be the centerfold of that calendar (you dork!)

Is nice, I like!

Is nice, I like!

Cool, thanks.

lol thanks JNM and Stephen_Carnes as well.

Episode starting to follow at


Episode#2 blog now up. Thanks FigPalm

I've got to say, after reading his blogs I have a new found appreciation for him. TTT for Jens.

It's crazy because I like both BJ and Jens alot. Oh well, they will settle it on their own.

good stuff, thanks!

""It's just about one guy (Penn) having everything handed to him on a
silver platter, now he's made the most out of it, but he's had everything
handed to him. Back when I was a kid the same things happened. The rich
kids used to make fun of us poor kids. I never had the cool bike, the cool
clothes and I didn't care. I would just beat their ass."

you gotta love jens....he really is a cool guy."

That's funny. I read that line and thought "what an idiot".