Jeremy Clarkson in trouble for using n-word...

...sort of.
Here's the video footage from top gear special (which is couple years old btw) which caused some serious outrage :

A brit used the word nincompoop in an insult again? Oh the horror.

Storm in a tea cup. Phone Post 3.0

So what did he say? Phone Post 3.0

I guess he did eeny, meeny, miny, moe and didn't substitute with the politically correct 'tiger' when saying it.


Oh the humanity.


We really, really have gone full retard.  Humanity is doomed.

Jesus titty fucking Christ. He didn't even "say" it. At best he mumbled it. GFY world Phone Post 3.0

Here's the problem with all this shit, EVERYONE has said a racist joke or comment or rhyme at some point in their life. Just most of us luckily weren't recorded. Everyone shitting on Clarkson and the like are fucking hypocrites. Phone Post 3.0

I didn't hear the N word in that video at all. WTF are people just hearing N words in their head these days?

The mirror has been after him for years. They even got audio analysts to listen lol and thats all they could find. Phone Post 3.0

Oh jeeeeezus.... All this PC shit has gone insane. Phone Post 3.0