Jeremy Corbell Says New UFO Image is Major Development | TMZ

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where is the film?

So we’ve got cameras everywhere but it’s still just smudges and blurry objects of all shapes?

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slow disclosure.
theyre not going to say how reptilian aliens are abducting people from india and china and using them as a source of protein cos some people might be upset.

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Literally Hu?

Literally who?

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See kids, this is what happens when you ride your bicycle without your helmet.

you think you’re clever

Guy whos entire career hinges on ufo stuff says ufo stuff is legit?

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Nice selfie, but it explains a lot.

wait til you’ve had one fly over your house at low altitude and when you report it they want all your details and tell you it was a satellite

Why would you report it in the first place, that’s the first mistake


Hopefully you’re trolling, but you never know on the OG.

far from trolling, this shit is very real.
a brother in law had one hovering over his car lighting it up and when it flew away he chased it , lol.
I live down under, we see stuff very often tbh.

Zak Bagans said they’re orbs bro

He should have just filmed it.

This explains a lot.

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go to reddit/ufos people are posting stuff all the time.
mostly crappy white lights in the sky though.

There you go.