Jeremy Horn guest

That's awesome! My favorite guest on here so far!

Can't wait until OMA comes on here!

I was really hoping to see Horn on the show. I thought Jens may have had him as his BJJ trainer, maybe he was to busy to committ to the full season.
regardless it should be good.

Horn is good for the sport n' has a lot to show any fighter.

I'm excited to see what he brings...even better to have him as a full-time coach for a future season.

see thats why I dont understand the fighters wanting to be on Bjs team that much more then Jens....they were saying if you want to be one dimensional ya go to Pulvers team but its not like its just one guy coaching you you get the people he brings in...And Im not saying Penn would suck I just didnt understand 10 hands in the air


I would have loved it if Jens had brought Jeremy as his jiujitsu coach. Horn is a classy guy, and a great grappler & fighter.

^ I agree but most likely Horn couldn't commit to the full schedule.

I hope they focus more on showing training this week as they have a great BJJ guy there.