Jeremy Horn ... my opinion

Alright first off let me start off by saying I've met Jeremy on a number of occasions and he's a very nice guy and I wish him only the best in the future.

That said the consistent and almost overwhelming bias towards Jeremy on the UG is misled in my opinion.

First Argument: Jeremy has never gotten a shot at the big time.

Jeremy Horn has fought in every major show in MMA.

UFC record 4-3. Jeremy was all set up to be Tito's opponent for the title way before Chuck Liddell was and he lost to Elvis.

Pride record 2-0 . Decison victories over Akira Shoji and Gilbert Yvel. Horn a known submission artist could not finish either man and in my opinion was beaten by Yvel.

Rings record 8-4 . I am counting all Jeremy's bouts here. The 3 most talented guys in Rings he fought though he ended up losing to. Arona, Couture, Kanehara.

Others. No one can argue Jeremy hasn't fought one of if not the busiest schedule in mixed martial arts but the fights against top quality opponents that Jeremy has had in the recent past were against Anderson Silva which he lost and Renato Sobral which although there was a bit of controversy he did lose. Add losses in the past to Noguiera and Tamura to that.

His major victories against quality opponents in the recent past have been against Tiger White, David Louiseau and Dean Lister and of course Chuck Liddell back in 1999.

Once again I like Jeremy and I am in no way trying to belittle his accomplishments but the simple fact of the matter in my humble opinion is that Jeremy has been given ample opportunity to shine on the biggest stages in MMA against quality opponents and for some reason or another he simply hasn't been able to do it.

I know Jeremy has improved alot but when you look at his overall record against serious top ten opponents it's not good.

Once again no disrespect intended to Jeremy but listening to his fans prattle on and on about how he's never had a chance and Zuffa is evil because there not putting him on their cards has to end.

I feel like Jeremy's supporters overlook the facts and act like Horn is being screwed and want others that don't know the truth to think the same.

Horn has been given his chances and not taken advantage of them. There's plenty of other guys out there that haven't had the same opportunities.

Once again this is my opinion but I do believe it.

I think the point some make is that he is evolving as a fighter, even to the point of being in a different weight class. Therefore a second look is appropriate.

Horn is a warrior and is always ready to fight.

Zuffa make it happen!

miller8966 good one. I pretty much set myself up for it.

White 347LX : No I don't think losing to Elvis was enough to get him out of the UFC but I do think losing to Elvis was enough to where the Zuffa felt they needed to give other fighters opportunities. That was Jeremy's seventh fight in the UFC and to lose to a relative unknown (no disrespect to Elvis) really hurt Jeremy's sale ability as a legit contender.

mongo54 I totally agree with you that Jeremy has improved leaps and bounds since those days (mostly with his striking) but against both Sobral and Silva he lost. When he had the opportunity to prove to the MMA world he should be on the big shows whether it was a controversial decison against Sobral or a torn groin against Silva he didn't do it. Call it bad luck if you will but when opportunity knocks you have to grab it and Jeremy simply hasn't.

Let me reiterate I think Jeremy is a world classed MMA fighter I'm just tired of the constant Zuffa bashing that goes on around here because he isn't fighting in the UFC.

Its simple: its not that Jeremy Horn is not good enough to fight (and win) in the UFC, but he is not exciting to watch. There are a ton of people who not only have no idea who he is, but out of the one's that do, not many would pay to see that fight. (including me!!!) Just my opinion!

Now that he is sitting in the 185 weight class, he is pretty much top tier, IMHO. I think he can take any of the top contenders in that division. The guy has not been knocked out in almost 100 fights! Name one other fighter that can even come CLOSE to making that claim!!

Horn is the most under respected guy in MMA.He will probably never become the star he deseves to be.It's a sad sad world!

I'll watch any Jeremy Horn fight anyday.

cant deny he deserves to be in either UFC or Pride

Lastcall makes some pretty good points, and I've got to agree with him.

An IN SHAPE Jeremy Horn would be nearly impossible to beat at 185. At 205 he can beat anyone if he had a good day.

Jeremy Horn is not what ZUFFA's UFC wants...they want to see KO or ground and pound finishes. Jeremy fights like the BJJ guys of the early days...using position and totally taking an opponent out of his game. But since Jeremy takes his time doing it...FANs call it boring.

"Decison victories over Akira Shoji and Gilbert Yvel. Horn a known submission artist could not finish either man and in my opinion was beaten by Yvel."

First of all, both of those men are a nightmare to finish with a submission. Shoji even more so than Yvel.

On top of that Horn beat Yvel, he looked like he was training in that fight.

horn lost very close descisions to noguerra and couture, meaning they r all close in abilities