Jeremy Horn Teaches College-Credit Course

 What is this world coming to? I was lucky if I could find an old copy of black belt magazine or a UFC VHS at a video store. Now two major universities are offering MMA as a college credit course?

That is correct, MMA legend Jeremy Horn, is teaching a 1-credit MMA class at the University of Utah. I sense a Collegiate MMA championship in the near future. Western Michigan University vs University of Utah!

If you are interested in starting a collegiate program in your area please email me, , would be happy to help you get started so we can grow the collegiate MMA scene. 

This is a good way to overcome some of the negative misconceptions the main stream has against our sport. 

I got 3 credits from grand canyon university by logging my training hours and writing a weekly blog entry :) Phone Post

Jeremy kicked my ass when I was in college and I didn't get any credit...
Sounds like a great program, good luck guys!

Damn it, Ray, you're telling me I shouldn't have taken bowling twice? I probably could have talked my school into credit for fighting, too. Plenty of universities already support MMA clubs with student fees, so this is the logical next step to world domination.


Damn it, Wish I was 17 right about now...I know where id be going to college Phone Post

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