Jeremy Horn won ANOTHER fight tonight.

defeated Brad Scholten at Extreme Challenge 200 by RNC.

WAR GUMBY! Phone Post

Phil Brooks - cares

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 Crazy that Horn's still doing his thing, awesome too!

everytime he wins a fight his forehead gains even more strength

Thats all the love he gets? Hes a solid poster here. It takes alot to impress people around here...


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Phil Brooks - cares
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Phil Brooks - who

Bitch, you ain't CM Punk.

john thornton - defeated Brad Scholten at Extreme Challenge 200 by RNC.

This guy?

So UFC vet with 100 fights beats a guy coming off 3 losses with a losing record...

Why is this news?

Horn is an awesome, exciting fighter.

Fuck the haters.
Here's hoping he fights Saunders next, or Hieron! Phone Post

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Phil Brooks - who

Bitch, you ain't CM Punk.


Congrats Gumby Phone Post

Horn is a legend show some respect punk

 The 11ing on this forum has been noticeably worse than usual these last few weeks.


 Oh and also, congrats to Horn - might not always be fighting the top guys but the dude's a legend and has had an incredible career.  89 wins (I think?) is pretty damn amazing any way you look at it.

Phil Brooks - cares

Just Fuck the Fuck Off. Phone Post

 If you don't know care then why would you bother 1. clicking a link about him and 2. bother to make multiple posts about not caring. STFU and go away.

Horn deserves some major respect

buck up your ideas you whiney cunts

Jeremy Horn is the man.

Phil Brooks - who

Talking about Horn like that? Matt Hughes learned all of his jits from him. The fucker has been fighting since 96. He used to travel to fights, sleeping in his car all over before this sport was huge. Saying who cares about Horn just makes you sound ignorant to the sport. From the BEGINNING of this sport and up until now......Jeremy a name that is well respected among the MMA elite.