Jeremy Horn

Jeremy Horn completely dominated the fight last Thursday in Council Bluffs. Horn should definetely be allowed to compete in the UFC. He only continues to get better.



Haven't heard too much about him, but what the hell.

Let'em fight in the UFC.


What's the connection between JHR and Jeremy Horn again?

JHR is a rabid fan of a high degree a stalker some say ;p

Big killer is corre... Hey, wait a minute ;(


That and I also donated a kidney to him back in '97

Unfortunately his body rejected it due to the high levels of Maple Syrup found in it...


lol @ maple syrup

I just want to know if they are one and the same person :)

"What's the connection between JHR and Jeremy Horn again?"

the connection???

JHR mouth CONNECTED to Horns ass.

J/K of course ;)

Horn is as underrated as anyone. He should have an open ticket to both UFC and PRIDE. Dont fuck with Horn!

The only logical title fight in the UFC at 185 is Horn vs Lindland