jeremy jackson deserves to........

live in his fuckin dumb can you be?

i agree to often people try to blame
the bad things that happen to them on
other people,when in fact they are a direct
result of there actions.....

No worries

There was a recent post on here, that he got a 3 year deal with UFC and his fighting in one of the up coming PPVs

i just say,sometimes you have to call shit....well, shit.

hey red,how is this a tolla attempt?it is fact.i have it recorded on tv.if ya need a copy let me know.

hey,maybe hugs and kisses are worth living in your car?

He's got nothing to worry about. He broke the show rules. Now all he has to do is lose his next couple fights on the show and the UFC will have him head lining UFN's and have his face plastered all over.

Wait, are we talking about Jackson or Chris Leben?

I asked the same question, and my understanding is that it was a 3 year deal not 3 fight and was verified by him on some radio show.

Can a blue namer find the thread

By the way, I am not posting this as fact, only here say

lol.yeah i love how they change the rules as they go.

^^^ LOL

Not sure

He was just at Hitman's show with Apple on the card and looked like he was all smiles and doing well.

I would bet that Hitman, Apple, or one of the guys at that show can give us all the facts, I believe it is all public

i think all tuf's sign a three year or whatever deal so that if they come out of the show with potential the UFC xcan do with them as they please. Most are released from it though. Also, jackson will fight in November.

lol @ Jeremy Jackson winning the whole show.

well,the way i see it they all lose fighting for the ufc.