Jeremy Jackson = self defeatist

Listen to his "life story" as he tells it. It's always him getting kicked out of a girls house after he spends all of his money.

After he fucked himself by jumping the fence, it became obvious that the guy is psychologically damaged to the point where he can't handle opportunity well. He has to sabotage any path to success.

I couldn't agree more. Talking about shooting your own toe off. I can't believe people are on here talking about I feel bad for him and Dana over reacted. People have to remember that there are consequences And repercussion to all actions. Jeremy obviously doesn't have good decision making. He took some tail over UFC opportunity.....

He deserves what he got and he didn't look to upset afterward and I can't believe the pussy was that good but who knows....

If he never gets another opportunity to fight on the big stage will he think it was worth it... He said something I found interesting about money and fame. He likes the money but the fame is what he really wants....

This is exactly what I told my wife last night while watching the show that guy is a victim of his own poor choices.

We have a friend like that if given a choice between 10 pounds of gold or 10 pounds of shit she would choose the shit and hope it turned into gold.

Definitely self sabotaging. For people in that state, there's no opportunity they won't blow because they're subconsciously trying to draw attention to their pain by doing it.

September 10 is the 2 year anniversary of Jeremys boxing partner, best friend and brother Oscar who died. The whole family is still grieving godammit. You dont know his real fucking story Jack.

I don't think anyone could reasonably argue that Jackson's behavior isn't somehow related to grief and depression related to his brother's death and possibly many other things. The thing is, the "healthy" reaction to sadness is to be sad for a while (sometimes a long while), then start to pick up the pieces and move forward. Instead, he's "dealing with it" by trying not to act sad, then subconsciously preventing himself from having success so people will notice something's wrong with him. That's not a natural part of grieving, that's what you do instead of grieving, and it doesn't just go away by itself because one's mind cleverly disguises it. He's going to have to actively notice and change this dynamic if he wants things to go better. Right now, he's not seeing the connection. He thinks he just keeps getting screwed and/or making individual bad decisions.

He needs to find God and/or get some therapy.

September 10 is the 2 year anniversary of Jeremys boxing partner, best friend and brother Oscar who died. The whole family is still grieving godammit. You dont know his real fucking story Jack."

Please keep in mind that this show is not live so the up comming anniversary should not have been impacting him that hard a few months ago.

Reality in guys are too judgemental sometimes.......I wear a size 9 if anybody wants to walk a mile in my shoes. Im not sure what size Jeremy wears, but , Let judgement be passed by his peers.........not someone who saw him on a unreality show.....please

Well Mikey there is one piece of reality here. In reality he blew his chance (assuming they dont let him back) for a piece of ass.

Peer or no peer I think thats an honest judgment. And if I recall you seemed to share they same view?

"Judging" him is irrelevant. In other words, what he did doesn't make him a bad guy or even a dumbass. Like almost everyone else in the world, he's just a dude walking around with a lot of pain and issues about some things. But he's got a situation that needs to be addressed, and the people closest to him aren't doing him any favors if they're pretending the course his life is currently taking are just a series of isolated bad decisions and bad luck. He has to take responsibility for where he's at, forgive himself for doing that to himself, and learn how to deal more productively. Most people need the people closest to them to impress that on them before they admit it and commit to changing things for the better.

September 10 is the 2 year anniversary of Jeremys boxing partner, best friend and brother Oscar who died.

That only proves my point. If there's any reason to stay in this second chance of a lifetime, it's on the aniversary of your training partners death.

What kind of message is "We trained for this, this is what we talked about, it's what you would want me to do, but I think I'll fuck it up and go home."?

Of all times to screw up a big chance, it's now?


The truth hurts... The guy is a walking talking example of victimology. Looks like all his wounds are self-inflicted. In this case he killed himself. Come on Mikey call a spade a spade

poor me sindrome

Pity the next guy the Scorpion fights!

Sorry to say this about dude. But he's a loser.

He's the type of fuck that's just a loser. He can't control his emotions and impulses, so he's a loser. I mean you fuckin let women throw you out? They only throw you out when your ass doesent work anymore!

He's a fuckin loser. If I were him, maybe what he does need is to work at a gas station or pizza place so he learns the concept of responsiblity and having it hard and earning his way up.

It's insulting to have someone with his talent throw it all away. Many amateur fighters who have their head screwed on straight WOULD KILL for this opportunity that he pissed away. They bleed and sweat day in and day out in this sport to probably never ever get a shot in this sport. And what does ass face do?

Gets kicked out over some pussy.

Even that alcoholic comatose mother fucker MIkey Barnett said: "To throw it away for some piece of ass? I don't care how good that ass was, it's not worth throwing this second chance opportunity away. He's a dumbfuck!"

Amen Mikey. I'm not your biggest fan but at least yo uhave your head on straight!

I will always be a fan of the Scorpion in the ring!