Jeremy Lin is a F@ckin Idiot

Dude's obviously got a chink in his armor. Phone Post 3.0

ShanTheMan - I was pissed when Vin Diesel punched him in the original, but hey you don't call Dom Toretto a rat.


Floppy Divac - 
Liyon - Lin's in a bad situation in Houston. He's definitely way overpaid and b/c of that he's not allowed to develop and make mistakes. Then people expect him to be the savior of the team when he's limited to 20 minutes a game.

His best skills don't fit Houston's scheme. And he's playing scared as shit b/c he's got the shortest leash of anyone on the team.

At best, I can see him being a Sam Cassell-type of player.

Sam Cassell hit his share of clutch shots in bigtime games. I think you're either selling Sam short or giving Lin more credit than he deserves.

I brought up Sam Cassell to imply that I believe that is Jeremy Lin's ceiling. Will he ever get there, who knows.

Fair nuff!

Xavier23 - Dude's obviously got a chink in his armor. Phone Post 3.0

That quote's been done by someone in the media a couple years ago, and he got in trouble for it already. So you're too late.