Jeremy May

I love the current mma scene in FL and I have followed most of the FL locals since their beginnings. Jeremy May is a fighter that interests me. He went from 170 to 185 and his body frame is noticibaly larger. He has great ground skills and decent striking. He is 6'3" 205 walking weight. It seems lately that he has been gassing since the weight cut. I think he should take a year off and bulk up to 220 with muscle and fight at 205 since he is 6'3". He can grow into his lanky frame. He is in his early 20's and has above 15 fights and fought big names such as Ninja Rua (he should have won that; he gassed!). He has matured alot inside and outside the cage. With his long reach, I believe if he strikes down the middle, he will knock out alot of his opponents like his former teammate Jonathan Brookins does. Any thoughts? By no means am I knocking on him, I am actually praising him. He is a consistent fighter and fights anyone they offer him.

 Hmm... Some interesting ideas. I will link this to his Facebook and see what he thinks.

 Hmmm.  Sounds like Ali has a new screen name, actually...

Stephen, you are teammates with him right?

 Ish, when he is in GA he trains with us, now he lives and trains in Vero Beach Fl, with Renato Tavares ATT

He looks best at 185 IMO. But thats all it is, an opinion.

Jeremy has the kind of frame he can really do either.. he is tall enough that at 185 he poses problems with range for alot of people but also there is room for him to grow.. Thats not the issue Jeremy was young in the past and fought like it. He is better than his record has shown he didnt use to train to his potential and would take fights on little or no notice with little or no training for them.. If his work cathes up to his potential he will be a hand full for anyone.. Renato Tavares is the man have been to his school a couple times so hes in a good place if hes there the rest is up to him... Wish the best though....

Todd, you fought him in Daytona I believe.

i find it awesome that he fought his best friend and teammate at the time, Reggie Pena, in a Pro Boxing match.
Gotta love those now defunct joint team of USA Martial Arts/Team Trauma (now they are separate).