Jeremy sent home?

Didn't Leben jump the fence to use the phone---and he got to stay---I don't really see the big deal, and after Jeremy's story of living in his car and having no home---man, not a smart move, but the punishment was a bit extreme

So enforcing the rules is "extreme"?

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p.s. I agree it is a pain but Damn bro don't talk like a manbitch.

Season 1 vs Season 4...

they had no idea in season 1 that there would be a next season...and they didn't want to lose their top ratings getter...

Jeremy Jackson is not a ratings getter. Also - this is an excellent way to make sure this never happens again.

As I said on another thread:

seriously think that the reason Leben wasn't booted is that this was a pilot show, and nobody knew that TUF would turn out to be the phenom that it is, roping in new fans etc... I think that the first season was more about ratings then anything else and they knew the Leben=Ratings with his antics.
Now I think there has been a shift to become a more "legit" reality show so anybody caught breaking any of the rules of the contest/show is booted. Smart move on Dana's part IMO, cause if he did not make an example of someone, future shows would be in jeopardy with people coming and going as they pleased.

This will just lead to great love for the Scorpion and herald his return to the UFC with a UFN or PPV where he will clean house.