Jeremy Williams triangle on subf.

Jeremy Williams teaches a few triangle choke setups from the guard on Whenever he adjusts his triangle right before the finish, he talks about that the leg that's on top of the neck should NOT slide up the back, but go up, towards yourself and then down again.

Does anyone know the reason for why he does this?

I'm interested because he says that this detail is really important for finishing the triangle after you've got it half-locked in and want to adjust and tighten it.

I'm guessing it's to help break the guy down more ie pull his head to you using your hips and leg muscles instead of trying to pul the head down with your hands

Also, you get less of the opponent's back and shoulder involved which helps guys with shorter legs (like me) actually be able to pull off a triangle.

I didnt' see the clip, but when you have an incomplete triangle, to finish, you should shoot your hips UP and then slam them back down.  It makes it way easier to close the triangle and it really snaps your opponents head down and kills his posture.  This is the best way to adjust the triangle in a situation where your opponents arm is on the other side and you are trying to really sink it in tight.  So when you shoot the hips up, take the arm, and when you shoot them down one arm pulls his arm across the tighten it up, and your other arm IMMEDIATELY grabs you shin to lock it in all.  Hope that helps, it's done wonders for my triangle.  Hopefully that is the situation that Jeremy was talking about, if not, then just consider it a bonus.  If you need more clarification, let me know and I'll try to post it more clear. . . I'm watching footbal right now. haha.

Whatever Jeremy says about a triangle you should do, his triangle is AWESOME.

Good info, I saw the strange set-up where he locks the triangle round the wrong way then switches for the finish, he even finishes the wrong way because it's tight.

I have trouble locking my triangle and keeping opponents in it, usually because I'm lazy and tired. I find holding my shin with my hand then rotating off the hip helps, I try to only bring the leg down across the back of the neck.

But MT is giving my shins hell and messing with my triangle!

GreenWhale is correct, Baret Yoshida teaches it this way on his video series as well.