Jeremy Williams wins MMA debut

Former pro boxer and world title holder, Jeremy Williams, training out of Legends gym in Hollywood, won his MMA debut in impressive fashion by tko... I knew he would do well because of his heart and work ethic.

Congrats Jeremy!

Good job, btw just wondering ,are you in the new season of TUF?

Mmm... can I plead the 5th?

great news... am hoping jeremy really shakes up the mma world and raises the bar for striking (it's about time)...

Jeremy Williams hardly showed his standup but definitely showed his heart tonight. After slamming "Killing" Fields several times a'la Rampage he fought off a couple of deep armbars to both arms, overcame and won via submission to strikes. Hopefully his elbows aren't too jacked, there's always a possibility of a radial head fracture or some tendon damage. Anyways, props to "Half Man, Half Amazing".

thanks, nbaagain... was hoping he'd put on more of a striking displayi but glad he got the win any how... lets hope he didn't sustain anything serious with the sub attempts...

I have always liked Jeremy Williams. Glad to hear about his win and hope he's o.k.

Congrats Jeremy!

Congrats Jeremy.

Congrats Jeremy!

I hope that he does raise the bar when it comes to the boxing so people like Robbie Lawler are no longer credited as "great strikers".

"Mmm... can I plead the 5th? "


Congrats Jeremy! I'm proud of ya!

Floppy Divac is the man!

Nobody owes you shit, you run your mouth in a way that makes people root against who you support.

Propers to Jeremy Williams!! I can't wait to see it.

congrats :)

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Floppy...your the greatest!

"'ve talked shit on here about Jeremy and now your gonna give him props. Typical fucking hypocrit!"

LMFAO!!!! What have I EVER said that was bad about him?? Don't make shit up you snake.

Haole...hey buddy, I love reading your posts.

I love all the members on the Underground! You guys are so full of wisdom and always so positive.

Why was he taking the guy down? Why didn't he just knock him out?