Jermain Taylor at Kronk

Some of you know that I train down at Kronk and Emanuel Steward is a friend of mine. Well Manny is now training Jermain Taylor and they set his training camp up at Kronk. He has been down there for about a week and he is looking good. Jermain has a tough fight with Winky coming up and he will be ready. I was really impressed with his right hand. He throws it very fast and he punches very sharp. The nice thing about him training down there is they fixed up the gym a little bit. Emanuel put up two new heavybads and put down a new ring cover. The place is still pretty ghetto, but it's a little better then it was. Later...


manny loves those lanky guys with pop
thats his favorite style i think
hes one of the best

can you motivate him to tell pat of the dearborn kronk to fix the place up. the bags are falling apart. ringside makes a bag cover. the duct tape is ripping everyone's gloves up. tell him to put the stereo back in. to make sure the toilets are cleaned.


Manny seemed to have improved Kermit Cintron's offense too. He knows what he's doing.

That said, Winky will be a very tough fight for Jermain even with Steward in his corner.

StephenL.....Can't help your there bro. Emanuel likes to keep his gyms very ghetto, he says it makes the fighters tougher. He hasn't done anything to Kronk in about 10 years, so the small changes are really appreciated.

All you guys are correct about Winky giving Jermain trouble. I feel even with Emanuel's help Jermain's going to have issues with the south paw jab and the locked down defense Winky has. It should be a good fight though.

It's cool that Jermain is training there, but the gym is just a zoo. It is a small place and it has been packed. There have been press there almost every day and a bunch of people watching. It supposed to be closed workouts, so I don't know how their getting in. It's always hot down there, but with all the added people and lights for the filming, it has been crazy hot. I'm out....Peace.


Taylor walks through Winky. He is too strong and has quick reflexes. Winky will cover up and try to deflect the shots but in the end Taylor will get enough through the hands to win a UD.

"I wonder when the bandwagon will end?
Oh, I know. . . After Winky beats Taylor. :)"

Same can be said of Winky. The guy used to crucified on this forum for being boring and turning down big fights. Now he's unbeatable because he dominated a one dimensional, semi-retired Tito?

Never thought I of all people would say this but Winky has become grossly overated.

hopkins hater is right

hopkins knew the money was in the rematch.