Jerry Wetzel in AZ

Don't miss this opportunity to train in some of the biggest innovations to hit the martial arts world in years. Instructor Jerry Wetzel is owner of Centerline Gym in California and Has trained with some of the best. (For more info on Jerry Wetzel visit

Date: February 4th, 2006

Time: Crazy Monkey session 11:00AM ? 1:00 PM, Red Zone session 1:30PM ? 3:30PM

Cost: $25 for a single session, $40 for both, $35 for both if pre-registered by 1-31-06

This will be a two part seminar:

Part One: Jerry Wetzel will covering the groundbreaking Crazy Monkey? striking program. Developed by South Africa's Rodney "Chico" King, the CM? is one of the most effective and easily learned striking systems available today. Already being used by top professional mixed martial artists, special forces units, and even hobbyists, the CM has taken the martial arts world by storm. COME SEE WHY! Part Two: Jerry Wetzel will be teaching a workshop covering his Red Zone Program. This empty hand knife defense program focuses on what REALLY WORKS when dealing with a knife attack. Some of the topics covered include: Dealing with the ambush, the brandish, scenario training, fighting on the ground, debunking some of the ridiculous and dangerous MYTHS of "Knife Fighting".

LOCATION Attitude First Training Center 20633 N. 39th Ave., Glendale, AZ 85038 Contact: or call 602-625-2523

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