jess 'the joker' liaudin

what happened to him? after those coupla ufc losses was he dropped?

He fought in April and won via tko iirc.

thanks- tenth legion? wtf that?

Im assuming hes out of the ufc then?

he beat a top european opponent in his last fight

 whats he up to now?

Dude went and pulled a Chris Leben (even tho he did it before Chris) and fought twice in 2 weeks after "leaving" the UFC. He's 4-0 since being gone, finished 3 of those fights and all but 1 of his opponents were all pretty experienced and decent fighters. He also snatched up a Welterweight title in the Tenth Legion promotion during their first event. His last fight was in March (won via submission in 30 seconds!) and since then has been doing personal training and is dedicating more time to an acting 'career'.

 thanks hitz... so he stopped fighting then? I remember he got dropped after losing 3 fights in a row in the ufc, but he was actually quite an exciting fighter