Jesse Jackson: Britain is the 'Mother of Racism'

American civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson says Britain is the ‘mother of racism’ and must face up to its role in slavery as he rejects findings of race report which said nation was ‘model to the world’ on diversity

  • Influential civil rights leader told Times Radio there is ‘pattern of racism’ in UK
  • He rejected the findings of the recent UK report into race and ethnic disparities
  • Rev Jackson said Britain had a 'responsbility to face up to racism and change it’
  • Comments come after report by the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities
  • Their report found there was no evidence of instiutionalised racism in Britain
  • But the report has been criticised by high-profile campaigners and politicians
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ahhhh, a racist huckster who sells racism say shit is racist. Cool.


Without racism this faggot would be out of a job. Of course he finds it everywhere, pussy.

BLM has muscled him out in America.

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Should africa also face up to their role in slavery then? Let’s not forget who sold the slaves and had slaves themselves as well.


I heard this on the radio when I was driving with my family last week.

I thought ‘no evidence of institutionalised racism’ was good news & what people want.

I think 100 reports could reach the same conclusion & campaigners & politicians will criticise.

The world we live in unfortunately.

A fucking ‘pattern of racism’. Cool bory stro!

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Well, to be fair… if you look at black last names in America… They ain’t Polish. They ain’t Russian. They ain’t Italian. They ain’t even African most times. They’re English.

Maybe instead of just blaming ‘white people’, they can blame those who gave them their names…

Or, you know… Just get the fuck past it and move on with life and better yourself as an individual for the benefit of your family like a rational person… But that ain’t gonna happen.


Africans were buying and selling Jews long before England was even a country.

Everywhere but Africa, right Jesse?

keep hope alive

Britain did more to end slavery than even the US did. And those are the only 2 countries in human history to ever do anything about ending slavery. But of course the US and Britain are the only countries that get BLAMED for slavery.

People like Jesse better hope there’s no afterlife, because the amount of damage they’ve done and continue to do in this world is fucking staggering, and the hell they will burn in will be hotter than most.

Fuck Jesse Jackson.

i am guessing he’s looking to fleece the royal family

If he wants to chicken and egg it I’d say black people are responsible for racism.

I can’t think of a another person who benefited from their skin color as much as that worthless hack .