Jesse Taylor screwed because he is Jewish

I think that the UFC was afraid to have a Jewish guy fight an Arab guy an stir up some sentiment. Its quite obvious that Jesse is also a lay and pray Josh Koscheck finalist. By Jesse screwing up it was the perfect chance for them to avoid two potential problems. If I were Jesse I would take Zuffa to court for my 100K and Amir definitely is not The Ultimate Fighter.

Zeerus screwed because of this thread.

Here we go...


If Jewish means drunk retarded moron then yeah maybe you are right

But Fail on this thread get this F#$K out of here


 it was his spicy side

"it was his spicy side"


Look what is happening already

Its obvious UFC used this as an excuse to not make the fight an Iran Versus Israel thing. In additions they got rid of another Josh Koscheck type fighter.

Zeerus - dar dar dar I type words on computer dar dar dar


 Amir is iranian correct? if so then he is not arab, he is persian.  nice try though...

 dude I'm Jewish & that statement was ridiculous...Jesse (whether he is Jewish or not acted like a "putz")....and that is the reason he wasn't on any finale.....and Amir would've beaten Jesse either way too

 Beyond Fail

dude, I've been reading the Bible alot lately. it has all kinds of weird shit in there. like for instance...did you know Jesus was a Jew?

Iranian's aren't Arabs's. Define Jew. A Jew is someone who practices Judaism. Being Jewish isn't a race, it's only a religion.

"Are you a Jew!? Ahhhh, Jew-ish" -- Lewis Black

^lol @ this thread

This is a jewspiracy.