Jessica Simpson, Time Walrus

Both of those guys could pretty much have any woman they wanted at the time. Nick was a lead guy in a boy band, and women of all ages wanted John Mayer before the dumbass said he wasnt attracted to black women at all in a t.v. interview, nice move dumbass…

Holy shit, he said that?

Kiss of death…

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Good for him.

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Can someone translate this?

I respect his honesty, but freedom of speech aint always free. He was doing guest appearances on shows like CSI Miami and all kinds of projects before that little one liner fucked it all up for him

Im sure he’s fine. Fuck cancel culture and the tards that bow down to it


Not going to happen.

This was about 10 to 15 years ago before the cancel culture came around

Ignorant and lazy is no way to go through life jr…

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Neither is being mean.

You need a hug.

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I’ll settle for some pics


She gets a lifetime pass just for doing Daisy Duke justice like she did.


That is a sexy sea lion.

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Out of your fucking mind

In ancient times ten thousand ships would be launched and history changing campaigns of war would be fought for the goddess that is prime Lohan

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Start your own thread about her then, fren


Id make original Lindsay feel like a godess…

She’s a ten. Anyone who wants to talk about when she got “fat” are phaggs.

She’s a ten.


You must use a 15 point system.

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mmmm, fresh clam.

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